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Wok, a vital cooking utensils in the Chinese culinary arts, tossing out thousands of flavourful Asian delicacies for more than 2,000 years, forming different Asian culinary genres complementing Asian's staple-centric diet.  

“禾” (our brand in Chinese) meaning Grains, is an important part of our

diets for at least 10,000 years. .  

From maize in Mexico

to rice in Asia to

Near East, grains

provide 60% of

the world’s food

energy and are a

staple to 4 billion people

around the world. 

The two formed the

culinary philosophy of 

Wok & Staple in preserving

our food culture and

developing interesting culinary

concepts to promote and introduce our unique culinary genre, "Zhi-cha" to the world.  

Wok & Staple

By Dragon Phoenix

A Culinary Rhapsody

Featuring a line of fast-dine cuisines by Singapore Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai, the founder of Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, who contributed many iconic Singaporean dishes including Chilli Crab, Yam Basket and Yusheng. Since 1963, the restaurant has earned a reputation, especially in private dining & banqueting.

Dishes featured in the menu are our efforts to preserve traditional Chinese cuisine as well as its Singapore-style derivatives in a rejuvenated form.  Check out the new culinary genre at Wok & Staple.

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