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Wok, a vital cooking utensils in the Chinese culinary arts, tossing out thousands of flavourful Asian delicacies for more than 2,000 years, forming different Asian culinary genres complementing Asian's staple-centric diet.  

“禾” (our brand in Chinese) meaning Grains, is an important part of our diets for at least 10,000 years. From maize in Mexico to rice in Asia to wheat in the Near East, people around the world still rely on grains as essential Staples to their diet. 

The two formed the culinary philosophy of Wok & Staple in preserving our food culture and developing interesting culinary creations and concepts to promote our unique Singapore culinary genre, "Zhi-cha" to the world.  

Senior Culinary Consultant
Master Chef
Hooi Kok Wai

A veteran Chef, regarded as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Singapore's Chinese Culinary Scene.


He Created iconic Singapore dishes such as the Yam Basket and made popular the Chilli Crab.  He is also the creator of Yu-sheng (Raw Fish Salad), a much celebrated dish that has been nominated for the UNESCO inscription in 2022 being part of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage.

Mentored both Chef Chua and Chef Wee Bin during their early days into the industry.

Director of Kitchens
Chua Gen Chew

Chef Chua has been working in China for the past 20 years, as an Executive Chef with the Hyatt Hotels in China, taking charge of the culinary team for the opening of new properties under the Hyatt flagship.


He started his culinary apprenticeship with Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai at the age of 16 to learn Chinese cooking. He later enrolled in Shatec to explore the world of western cuisines.

During his service with the Hyatt Hotels, he has led teams that have won numerous regional & international culinary competitions.

Director of Creative Cuisines 
Khoo Wee Bin

Chef  Wee Bin is a familiar name in the local culinary scene. He is also one of the pioneers in Molecular Gastronomy in Singapore.

He started his culinary apprenticeship with Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai at the age of 19. 

Wee Bin is a well-traveled chef who has worked and trained in some of the best restaurants in the world such as Spago (Chicago), Chef Charlie Trotter at Trotter Restaurant (Chicago), Michel’s French Restaurant (Hawaii) and with Chef Markus Greiner at Huku’s (Hawaii).

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