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Char-siew Set
(BBQ Pork)

Char-siew is a Cantonese cuisine. Traditionally, it was made by skewering long strips of seasoned pork onto bamboo sticks and roasting them over a fire. The dish has been around for centuries and has evolved over time with different variations in different regions. 

Over the years, popularity of Char-siew has spread beyond China and can be found in many other countries and regions in the world including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and even in Western countries with Chinese restaurants.  It is commonly served in slices on rice or in noodle soups.  It is one of the street food icons of Singapore.

At Wok & Staple, we honey glaze the roasted Char-siew and served it with Seasonal Vegetables & Jasmine Rice topped with a sweet and savory Char-siew sauce, typically like those we are offering in Singapore. 

We hope you like it.  

Thank you!

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