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Chilli Crab Story

As far back as 1963, Chef Hooi went in search of a blend of the flavors and ingredients of many nationalities that make up Singapore. Instead of using Flower Crabs fried with blotted Ketchup & Chilli Sauce which some seafood stores along the east coast used to do, he swapped flower crabs with the meatier mud crabs, and adopted the flavors of various local cuisines by making a fiery sambal chilli paste and balanced it with a sweet and vinegary ketchup. The sauce also contained the aromatic ginger flower native to Southeast Asia and was finished with egg white, a Cantonese technique to create a silkier mouthfeel.

Dragon Phoenix’s style of chilli crab is the most common version today and is considered a Singaporean delicacy.

These days, you can find variations of Chef Hooi's Chilli Crab as a standard menu item in seafood restaurants all over Singapore, and restaurants all over the world. 

We are here to bring you the Original Version of Chef Hooi's Chilli Crab. After all, something this tasty was destined not to stay under the shell forever.

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